Magpul's New Lightweight, More Affordable MOE X-22 Stock for 10/22 Rifles

Magpul’s New Lightweight, More Affordable MOE X-22 Stock for 10/22 Rifles


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Magpul’s X-22 Backpacker and Hunter stocks for the Ruger 10/22 are some of the most popular aftermarket stocks for the venerable rimfire rifle. Now they’ve announced a new lightweight, more affordable version, the MOE X-22 stock.

From Magpul . . .

The MOE X-22 Stock is the ideal rimfire stock for those looking for a lightweight, budget-friendly upgrade for their Ruger 10/22-pattern rifle. We wanted to give shooters an extreme value stock that still provides several improvements over the factory stock that came with their gun.

That includes M-LOK slots for attaching accessories, Magpul TSP on the pistol grip, a custom, non-slip polymer butt-pad, and integral sling loops that are compatible with Uncle Mike’s locking sling swivels. It’s also really lightweight, weighing in at just over a pound at 19 ounces. In short, the MOE X-22 Stock is built for lean efficiency with features that matter.

MOE X-22 Features:

      • Two (2) M-LOK slots at the six o’clock position
      • Lightweight at just over a pound (~19 oz.). Most factory stocks are almost twice that weight – if not heavier – depending on build material and design
      • LOP of 13.5ʺ, a common measurement for factory stocks found on the average centerfire rifle
      • Ergonomic, non-slip polymer butt-pad with angled toe
      • Integral sling loops (compatible with Uncle Mike’s locking sling swivels) on toe and foreend
      • Magpul’s own TSP texture on the pistol grip
      • Ships with two interchangeable barrel trays of different diameters to support both factory pencil and bull-barrel profiles to provide shooters with options for various configurations
      • Available in Black initially (now shipping); FDE, ODG, and Stealth Grey will be shipping soon

MOE X-22 Price:
MSRP: $69.95

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