Courtesy Crossbreed Holsters Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Everyone has a gun in Arizona. Or so it seems. On Friday evening, at 5:30pm, Jorge Aguila Rodriguez, aged 45 — old enough to know better — got into an argument with another man who was working in his neighborhood. Instead of packingRead More →


Publix supermarket (shutterstock) Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Using force to protect third-parties poses all manner of dangers to a good guy with a gun.  Sometimes though, it’s clear to even most low-information types that force is justified against an attacker of a third party. That’s exactly what happened outside aRead More →


Shutterstock Next Post Coming Soon…▶ While more and more good guys continue to carry in both shall-issue states as well as constitutional carry states, most folks still don’t know the best thing to say while responding officers in the aftermath of a use of force situation. Those who are aheadRead More →


Screen capture by Boch via YouTube. Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Chaka Zulu, a record producer, Spotify executive, and manager for rap star Ludacris, has surrendered to police after authorities issued a murder warrant for his arrest relating to a June shooting. Zulu, who had a carry license and a legallyRead More →

The Right Way to Learn Self-Defense COBRA Self-Defense instructor Jessica Harden was profiled on LoudonNow.com after she added COBRA-Defense classes into her fitness and nutrition training business over the summer and business has been growing. A former high school security officer and mother of three, Harden has a vested interest in keeping womenRead More →

How Can  Covid Be Good for the Self-Defense Business? You can’t turn on the T.V. or check the web without hearing the negative aspects of Covid.  Surprisingly the COBRA organization has had it’s top two years while Covid was in full force. 5 Reasons Covid Has Been Great for Business.Read More →

South Africa COBRA Regional Director Leon Myburgh Featured in Real Self-defense Magazine Can you imagine a story more compelling than pursuing a major goal and in a short amount of time achieving it in spectacular fashion.  The goal of doing what you want in life while working less and makingRead More →

Why Are So Many Major Corporations Choosing COBRA for Their Preferred Training Needs? Major corporations require top tier personal safety training to keep their staff safe and to operate outside the shadow of fear. Choosing the right company to provide this type of training is a major decision and notRead More →

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many martial arts and self-defense schools are sinking while COBRA-Defense is soaring. Though 2019 was a record-breaking year, COBRA exceeded all of 2019 in the first six months of 2020. COBRA International has added 26 new locations and certified 43 new instructors by June in 2020.Read More →

The COBRA Headquarters is now Certified for Concealed Carry and Firearm Instruction Why choose to train with COBRA for your concealed carry permit?   COBRA Defense was created from real Law Enforcement training and experience.  A CWP course instructed based on Law Enforcement training and experience is far more impact-full thanRead More →