Transforming the Noveske Ghetto Blaster

[ad_1] The Ghetto Blaster in its ‘SD’ phase. Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Noveske is a well known brand in the American 2A world, having made quite the reputation in the early 2000s for innovation and quality. In 2013 founder John Noveske died, and a huge portion of the surviving NoveskeRead More →

Palmetto State Armory JAKL Review

[ad_1] Palmetto State Armory JAKL Next Post Coming Soon…▶ The Palmetto State Armory JAKL was first introduced several years ago, but is now hitting its stride with consumers. The JAKL is an adjustable gas, long-stroke piston operated AR-15.  The JAKL has been billed as a “truck gun” by many. TheRead More →


[ad_1] Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Mid-April last year I was sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with long-time friend Eddie Stevenson before sunrise listening to a longbeard hammer the day awake. Before long, the tom was gobbling so close to us we could smell his breath. Problem was, the tom was directly behind us.Read More →

Gun Review: Taurus GX4, Affordable and Reliable

[ad_1] Taurus GX4XL T.O.R.O. Next Post Coming Soon…▶ I have to admit, my first experience with Taurus firearms was not favorable. Years ago, a friend purchased a .357 revolver and brought it over for me to look at. He was proud of the gun, and I reserved telling him exactlyRead More →

FN Announces the 509 CC Edge XL and 509 MRD Full-Size Pistols

[ad_1] Next Post Coming Soon…▶ FN just dropped two new pistols and they’re full, duty-sized guns. Compacts are great for concealed carry, but if you don’t need a compact firearm, perhaps for home defense or to keep in your vehicle when traveling, or you don’t mind toting a larger gunRead More →


[ad_1] (Travis Pike Photo) Next Post Coming Soon…▶ The Mossberg 590 series is an undisputed American classic. Mossberg first modified the 500 into the 590 after it failed to meet a number of military specifications. Mossberg wanted that contract, so they modified the magazine tube and barrel design, and theRead More →


[ad_1] The venerable AR-15 platform rifle can seemingly do anything and chamber any cartridge…as long as it’s intermediate. Well, mostly intermediate. AR-15s in the 7.62×39 have always been an interesting conundrum. Some work perfectly well while others will have problems from day one. Those problems include light primer strikes, weakRead More →


[ad_1] Travis Pike for TTAG Next Post Coming Soon…▶ I enjoy pistol-caliber carbines. I understand the complaints and reasons why others aren’t fans of them. I find them so much fun and cheaper to shoot than my 5.56 and .308 caliber rifles. They tend to be easy to suppress, andRead More →


[ad_1] Next Post Coming Soon…▶ It’s easy to say, “Ho hum, another polymer-framed 9mm striker-fired pistol.” We live in a golden age of well made, reliable 9mm handguns and after a while, they all start to look the same. But there’s more to the Springfield Echelon than meets the eye.Read More →


[ad_1] Next Post Coming Soon…▶ I grew up with pump shotguns and bolt action rifles, with a smattering of lever guns mixed in. The only semi-auto we ever had was a Marlin Model 60. As I grew, I rebelled. I got into semi-auto firearms and kind of ignored bolt guns…untilRead More →