Courtesy Greg Anderson Instagram Next Post Coming Soon…▶ Seattle’s mayor, along with a gaggle of dedicated radicals on the Seattle city council, are busying themselves with another round of defunding the city’s police department. Because the last round of cuts didn’t do enough wonderful things for the Emerald City. That’sRead More →

r/guns - I have a fixation with foreign 5.56mm service rifles from the Cold War.

Relevant meme. From left to right: 🇦🇹 Steyr AUG 🇩🇪 H&K HK93 🇨🇭 Sig SG550 🇧🇪 FN FNC 🇮🇱 IMI Galil ARM 🇰🇷 Daewoo K2 🇮🇹 Beretta AR-70/223 Cold War 5.56mm service rifles developed and adopted by non-US countries just seem so unique with their own national “identities” if thatRead More →